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Globally-leading reputation for teaching and research

90% of our research is classed as world-leading or internationally excellent, according to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021. Our departments offer you the chance to be part of a world top 100 university in a uniquely beautiful and historic location and stimulating environment.

Our Academic Departments and Faculties

Explore our 27 academic departments in-depth. Meet our staff, discover each department's facilities, events, news and research opportunities.
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Combined Honours and Common Awards

Discover flexible programs merging subjects from a range of departments, as well as a Common Awards framework for Theology, Ministry, and Mission.
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Our Research Institutes and Centres

Our research institutes and centres allow researchers to focus on areas of specialism, often sitting between traditional disciplinary boundaries.
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Our Faculties, Schools and Academic Departments

Ƶapp Business School

At Ƶapp Business School, we believe that to succeed in business, you need to get closer to the realities of business. So that’s what we do. We connect students and alumni with global companies, and we link businesses with incisive and innovative thinking.


Discover the Business School
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Faculty of Arts and Humanities

We nurture thoughtful, critical and engaged citizens for a rapidly changing and complex world. We provide tools for analysis, interpretation and expression, tools to discuss and compare models of human life and flourishing, tools for imagining the future. 

Our six departments and one school produce highly-ranked and influential research within and across disciplines, languages, and cultures. Each offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 

The Faculty also provides Philosophy programmes, and one teaching centre, the .

Schools and Departments

Discover the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is home to a diverse community of staff and students across eight academic Departments. We are recognised for research impact that directly benefits society.

Our eight departments are responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, as well as world-leading research that seeks to empower and inspire.

We are also responsible for the broad-ranging undergraduate , which allows students to study science alongside two or more other subjects.


Discover the Faculty of Science
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Faculty of Social Sciences and Health

A diverse community of undergraduates, postgraduates, and academic and research staff, the Faculty of Social Sciences is a world-leading leading centre for education and research in the social sciences.

Our nine departments and schools are engaged in pioneering research and innovative learning. We are regularly ranked within the world's top 50 for the quality and significance of our research, our students enjoy an unparalleled learning experience, and our graduates are some of the most sought-after by employers.

We are also responsible for an undergraduate Combined Honours in Social Sciences programme.

Schools and Departments

Discover the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health
Prebends Bridge with Cathedral in background

Combined Honours and Common Awards

We also have a number of combined and flexible programmes, where students study subjects from a number of different academic departments, and a Common Awards framework for Theology, Ministry and Mission.

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Combined Honours in Social Sciences

Combined Honours in Social Sciences provides flexibility and choice across Durham’s breadth of world-renowned research-led education.
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Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts gives you the opportunity to design your own degree, studying two, three, or even four subjects, in and beyond the Arts and Humanities.
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Natural Sciences

The Natural Sciences degree programme is designed for Science students who want to combine more than one subject, offering choice, flexibility and depth.
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Common Awards (Theology, Ministry and Mission)

'Common Awards’ is the three-way partnership between a Theological Education Institution, the Church of England (and other participating churches), and Ƶapp.
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Foundation Programme

Ƶapp's Foundation Programme has been delivering high-quality academic preparation for undergraduate study at Ƶapp since 1992.

The Foundation Programme supports students to develop the skills and subject knowledge required for successful study at degree level. Achieving a minimum of 50% in all modules permits progression to the first year of your degree, without further action or application.

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